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There are two methods of printing.



- Faster

- Convenient 


- More expensive

- 3rd party involved

To continue with online printing simply click on images, select printing options, and add them to your checkout cart.



- Better Quality Control

- Cheaper

- Talk with Greg


- Slower

- Talk with Greg

To continue with direct printing, simply use this form or call Greg at 630-269-3561. I'd love to catch up!

JULY 14th

Direct Prices
(shipping included)

Lustre (matte) is the recommended finish of these prints. Some of the benefits of choosing a lustre surface are:

  • Resists fingerprints: The surface of the print is less likely to show fingerprints, which considerably improves the life of your printed photos.

  • Less reflective than glossy: There is less glare, and less reason to bend photos to avoid glare.

  • Professional look: Many portrait photographers use lustre for its satin-like finish. 

Metal Prints

Metal prints give you a creative and stylish way to display your best photos in your home. Photos are infused onto a sleek metal panel to create a smooth look, with a glossy finish that catches light and vibrancy from every angle. Select a single photo, create a collage, or choose a piece of artwork or photography from the Art & Image Gallery to design stunning metal décor for your own home or as a gift.


Once I receive your order I will calculate the total cost and email your an invoice. The invoice will contain an link to pay securely by credit card or bank account transfer online. A mailed check or Venmo payment is also accepted. Thank you!

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